Thursday, 1 October 2015

Comfort, Drawing to a Close and Hazy Days

Comfort :- When I walked into this room i immediately thought of the Brothers Grimm story of 'The Princess and the Pea'. The Salvin bed and bedroom are on the upper floor of Scotney Castle which is a 19th century neo-Tudor style house built in 1837. The mansion house was designed by Anthony Salvin (1799-1881) and he was also responsible for designing this very large four-poster bed. The bed is made of solid oak, is square (it measures 7ft x 7ft) and was completed in 1844. As always I was lugging my tripod around along with the camera so I was able to catch the low lighting and moodiness of the room. Scotney Castle is located to the south-east of Lamberhurst in Kent, England.

Drawing to a Close :- One of my favourite spots and haunts is the beach at Ovingdean Gap to ther East of Brighton on the South coast of England. It also happens to be the nearest beach to where I live so I can take a 20 minute walk and find myself down by the waters edge. It's quiet here. It's not the sort of place you find tourists. There's a small cafe, some beach huts and very little else other than the beach itself. Unlike Brighton beach this one has many rocks and rock pools to explore and if you know where you are loking and what you are looking for there's also a little of Brighton's history to be found in among the seaweed and chalkbed. This image was shot around 5 pm in December 2014.

Hazy Days :- Views like this could soon become a thing of the past. There's increasing pressure to build on greenbelt land due to housing shortages within the UK. Brighton is a rare City. It's not inland and surrounded by other Cities, towns and villages. It's right on the south coast and surrounded by farmland and the South Downs. It's a rediculously green area and one that's full to the brim with a rich and varied history. You may well ask what this image has to do with Brighton but in actual fact you are looking at the famous seaside resort. It's there in the middle, the mast on the hill in the far distance is the Freeview HD transmitter up near Brighton Race Course on the Racehill at the top of Elm Grove. I shot the image from a road known as The Drove which connects the village of Woodingdean with the village of Falmer.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill