Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dining Room Window, Block on the Landscape and Gert & Henry's

Dining Room Window :- I was lucky with this shot. The doors to the dining room were open but they were just about to prepare for a function so i nipped in quick, set up, took the shot of the window and then made my exit. A minute or two after taking the shot the dorrs to the dining room were shut and the public were no longer allowed in. So what you are looking at here is a large window that's in the dining room of Bletchley Mansion in the (now) famous Bletchley Park, home of the code breakers. The Mansion itself dates back to the 1870's but during WWII served as the headquarters and recreational building. The telephone exchange, teleprinter machines and cafeteria were in this Dining Room up until 1942. The Dinning Room was used by senior members of staff only. It was in this room that news of the sinking of the Bismark was heard.

Block on the Landscape :- The butterfly effect. Chaos theory states that the "sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state". Ok, so this is not exactly the butterfly effect but it does make you stop and think a lot about just what we are standing on and just where our place (as a planet) in the Universe is. So we have a small moon. It pops up from time to time and lights up the night sky. Due to its eliptical orbit (i.e. not round) there are times when it's furthest away from us and times when it's nearest to us. Depending where it is in relation to us effects our seas and oceans greatly. This image was shot on the 28th September 2015 during a "Proxigean Tide" (the next one will be on 14th November 2016) and as you can see the moon's gravitational pull has shifted the sea so far out. It's rare to see sand on Brighton beach, it's even rarer to be able to walk out so far and stand below the pier. Anyway, this was shot looking towards the East as everyone else behind me was looking towards the west at the setting sun. I suddenly realised I had an open and empty beach behind me so turned to grab this image. In the distance you can see Brighton Marina and the new tower blocks that are beginning to rise up above its protective arm. They will continue to rise too as they are nowhere near their maximum and will stand out like giant sore thumbs. Brighton manages to hold onto its elegant seafront and coast for so long but now it looks as though all that will change.

Gert & Henry's :- Wherever you choose to walk within the City of York you find your mind is constantly being blown. It's probably the closest thing you can get to travelling back in time. It's City streets are still predominantly laid out the same as they were back in Medieval times, full of narrow twists and turns. Evidence of times gone by jump out at you constantly ... and then there are the buildings. Loads of them. Ancient dwellings, shops, pubs and restaurants in buildings that date back centuries. "Gert & Henrys" is a restaurant in Jubbergate which is part of York's market area. The building dates from the 1600's and has surprisingly been used as a restaurant since the late 1920's. The two-storey, gabled and timber-framed medieval building is now a free-standing property but originally had other buildings surrounding it. It's been rumoured to have housed six families at one point. The building is part of the York Conservation Trust.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill