Saturday, 3 October 2015

Fan of Light, Basking Trees and Orange Glow

Fan of Light :- All you can do is get out there, stand around and hope that something presents itself to you. For the majority of the time it doesn't and you have to hunt around looking for images. For me that's not a huge problem as I am very visually aware. I usually notice something a good 10 minutes before someone else points it out and I seem to process information quicker than I can take it in so I find hunting for shots is rather relaxing. I find it help s me wind down. However, there's the odd moment when the shot finds you. Something will suddenly be there right in front of you backed by its own visual fanfare. This was one of those moments.

Basking Trees :- High and Over is an area between the village of Alfriston and the town of Seaford in Sussex. At first glance it appears to be nothing but a car park (usually with an ice cream van parked up in it) but once you've parked your car and ventured down the path through the trees an entire world opens up before you. It overlooks the Cuckmere valley and estuary as well as the huge Friston Forest. The view is simply breath taking and it's well worth a trip out to take it all in. I was on my way back to the car when these two trees caught my eye.

Orange Glow :- Try and spot the greenery. Yeah that's right, you can't as there isn't any! Nothing but concrete and metal. What a colourless world we've created for ourselves. We got rid of soft grasses, flowing water and colourful plants and replaced them with grey, hard, souless architecture. This is the balck rock promenade entrace to Brighton Marina. The sign says "Welcome to Brighton Marina" but to be honest it's the most unwelcoming entrance I think I have ever seen. I don't think the human race will be happy until it's concreted over the entire planet and then we'll simply topple over on our axis due to being too heavy to spin.


All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill