Saturday, 24 October 2015

Fountain Blue, Beach Break and O Sole Mio

Fountain Blue :- This was the result of a late night walk around the Marina Village in Brighton. I'd been walking around for an hour or so taking various shots here and there with the camera on the tripod so i could make use of the natural and available light. Whilst i was wandering around several others were out and about taking shots too. A spotted three or four different sets of teenagers all posing and pouting infront of their phones for various fish lipped selfies. It stuns me that with the advent of smart phone technology we have inadvertently created a world full of narcissistic individuals who are hell bent on photographing themselves at every given opportunity and find it impossible to pass a mirror. Another photographer was also out taking shots in the same area as me but he had all the gear. A huge camera bag over his shoulder. A massive camera body with an equally massive lens sticking out from it. Various things hanging off his belt etc etc. I presume it was all just for show and that he didn't have a clue as to what he was doing as he proceeded to point it at absolutely everything and each time he took a shot his flash unit lit up the entire square! One other person was about too and that was 'SECURITY'. All dressed in black to the point where he almost looked military with walkie talkie clipped on jacket etc. Out of all the people there who did he choose to come up and question?! Apparently I was drawing attention to myself by not being self obsessed or lighting up everything like a Christmas tree. Strange world isn't it ... and a rather sad one at that.

Beach Break :- The various elements all fell together just right for this this shot. There was a harsh afternoon sun which created the hard light. That in turn made the big concrete breakwater into a "cut out" silhouette with just enough light spilling over it to hit the rocks on the beach. It also lit the pebbles in the foreground nicely too which pulls you into the image.

O Sole Mio :- I was going to describe a few things regarding this shot but sometimes words aren't enough. I think i'll simply let the image speak for itself and do the talking for me. All i'll add is that it was taken on Beacon Hill Nature Reserve on the South coast of England.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill