Friday, 9 October 2015

Part of the Machine, Vapour Horizon and Undulations

Part of the Machine :- It was Mark Twain that once said "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't." and on another occasion Oscar Wilde wrote “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.”. I have often had people comment about my images and on the whole the comments have been favourable but on the odd occasion I have been questioned about the images I create. Comments such as "The beach wasn't really that empty was it?" or "Why's the sky /sea so blue / black / grey? It's not usually that colour" and more than anything I have been questioned about the vibrancy or sunsets, clouds, grass, scenery, landscapes, seascapes and everything in general that makes up our world. I try my level best to keep the images as real as they were to me when I was standing there taking them. Yes, sometimes things do look unreal ... but that's not down to me. If you just open your eyes you'd realise the fact is that this big wide world that we are part of doesn't always fit within the boundaries that we've given it. Mountains aren't always pointy, the sun's not always smiling, grass is not always blue etc etc. All preconceived ideas and notions should be thrown out the window and we should start looking at this planet with an open mind and open eyes. I see lots of strange things when i'm wandering about and sometimes I happen to have my camera with me. This image was shot on a very empty Brighton beach on 29th November 2014. Not a cvloud in the sky ... apart from that one. That big odd looking bright orange one. Yes, that's the one ... you can't miss it. And on a final note ... before you ask, no I didn't alter the colour or drop anything in or take anything out. Life's sometimes like that.

Vapour Horizon :- I heavily processed this image as a black and white to bring out that thin white strip of sky behind the clouds. It was an odd evening as the weather was constantly threatening to do something but was actually doing very little other than stomping around a bit. It was shot just after 19:30 on the main promenade / concourse at Black Rock. I like the way it's picked up all the lights on Marine Parade and the pier.

Undulations :- The Cuckmere Estuary, Exceat and Friston Forest as seen near Seaford on the Sussex coastline of England. What makes this estuary and river so unique is that it is the only undeveloped river mouth on the Sussex coast. All others were turned into harbours or ports of some shape or form. Cuckmere remains as natural as possible , is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, part of the South Downs National Park and is known for its nature conservation. Exceat now exitsts in name only. It was a village and area that did well up until the 14th Century but then a mixture of French raids and the Black Death finally put pay to the place and it was empty by the 15th century. Friston Forest is 3,000 acres of dense woodland with many tracks and trails within it to explore.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill