Monday, 5 October 2015

Perpetuity, Disambiguation and Shadow People

Perpetuity :- Space. A vast open space. For as far as the eye can see. No structures to get in the way. No boats on the horizon. Just wet sand, water and air. A feeling of being the only one on the planet. A feeling of untouched earth. There was a time when our planet was like this all over. No concrete. No iron frames. No litter. No wars. No bombs. No hatred. Nothing. Nothing but pristine land and oceans. And then we came along ...

Disambiguation :- To the East of Brighton, high up on Beacon Hill Nature Reserve an old smock mill stares out to sea. It's stood looking out towards the horizon since 1802, silently observing 213 years worth of sunsets. It very nearly didn't see the 1900's but was saved from demolition and has been restored, maintained and looked after ever since. It's now a grade II listed structure and also a registered seamark (a navigational aid to boats, ships and seaplanes). She's the pride of Rottingdean Village.

Shadow People :- Perigee tides occur three to four times a year. They don't always coincide with the sunset but when the two do happen together and you find yourself on Brighton beach the results are absolutely jaw dropping. Last week I found myself down on the sands of the famous seaside resort and looking on in awe along with many others. Shimmering sands and sparkling water mixed with an explosive sunset which turned us all into dark shapes. The most incredible part of the whole experience was finding that we could all get close to the twisted ruins of the West Pier (built in 1866). The last time I was that near to the 'theatre' I was actually on the pier (it closed to the public in 1975).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill