Saturday, 17 October 2015

Scintillation, Hot seat and Over the Hell

Scintillation :- If i've learned anything at all about taking photographs it's to look around. Turn a full 360° if need be but look around. Don't get fixated on the main subject and focus soley on that as you'll be missing out on loads of other stuff because of self inflicted blinkers. As I was taking this image of Brighton's seafront all lit up on the King's Road everyone else behind me was facing South or South West looking at the ruins of the West Pier and the fading light of the dramatic sunset. I didn't see anyone else taking this shot or paying the scene any attention. It's rare to be standing this far out on the wet sand looking back towards the mixture of hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. The Moon was at its nearest to the Earth and its pulling power on the waves and salt water was at its strongest. I don't think the sea stood a chance as it was ripped away from the shoreline and effectivley peeled back to expose more of the beach than normal. I merrily squelched around with a huge grin on my face whilst making the most of the moment.

Hot seat :- It was the shadow that caught my eye. That and the sudden realisation that nodoby elese was about. I set up as quickly as possible and then just as I was about to take the shot two minutes worth of cyclists came through and I had to wait. Typical. I was surprised that so few were about on such a sunny and pleasant afternoon. The beach was pretty empty and the promenade was periodically desserted. I was free to wander, take in the sea breeze and enjoy some time with the camera. The shot was taken at Rottingdean on the South coast of England.

Over the Hell :- There's something very pleasing and yet unnerving about this shot. It's also extremely moody and atmospheric. It was taken on Beacon Hill Nature Reserve which sits a few miles to the East of Brighton. There are a few natural dips in the land and I positioned myself in one of them to get this shot of the sunset. It's was deadly still and quite up there. No joggers or dog walkers about. Just me and the dying light.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill