Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunlit Door, Towering Reflection and Pefect Formula

Sunlit Door :- This is the side door of St Michael le Belfrey Anglican church in High Petergate in the City of York, England. It's quite a large church but is dwarfed by the mighty York Minster which is situated right alongside it. This Grade I listed church was built between 1525 and 1536. What makes this church famous is that it's where Guy Fawkes was baptised on 16 April 1570. He was born in his mother's cottage (now a Grade II listed pub named the Guy Fawkes Inn) which is directly opposite this church ... in fact the shot was taken from the Inn's doorway. Guy Fawkes’ mother’s cottage is in the rear courtyard area at the back of the Inn. Like most of York and it's buildings the In is said to be haunted and famous for its strong paranormal activity.

Towering Reflection :- The stunning and picturesque Scotney Castle in Kent. It was built between 1378 and 1380 by Roger Ashburnham after the French invaded Sussex and Kent in 1377. Originally the fortified moated manor house would have had a tower in each of its four corners but now just the Ashburnham Tower remains. Most castles look like robust giant fortresses but Scotney Castle looks more like it's stepped out of a fairy tale or one of the stories compiled by the Brothers Grimm.

Pefect Formula :- Low tide at Ovingdean Gap exposes the seaweed encrusted rocks. The sky is a mixture of light and darkenss as the sun sets in the West and a storm rolls in from the East. Peace and tranquility with just the odd cry from a passing gull and the sound of the waves breaking the silence. Not a boat or soul to be seen. Just me and a big wide world.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill