Monday, 26 October 2015

Watching the Wheels, All Along the Breakwater and Outside the Cage

Watching the Wheels :- Brighton's iconic seafront and architecture is mirrored in the glistening wet sand. This view will change drastically next year as the 'Brighton Wheel' is due to come down in May 2016 due to its contract and lease not being extended. It's been a fascinating few years watching it become part of the famous resort and coastline. When it was first erected there were objections flying at it from all directions. Ridicule and hatred poured out of Brighton's residents as they demanded this and asked that of the local authorities. However, it did proceed to slowly turn and over the last 5 years it's pretty much been accepted to the point where people are now saying that it will be a shame to see it go. So now the hatred, ridicule and bitterness is being aimed at the i360 as it's being built by the old West Pier. Brightonian's never seem to be happy unless they are moaning about something. I am hoping that the i360 will eventually win a lot of people over in the same way that the Brighton Wheel did. We can only wait and see.

All Along the Breakwater :- A little bit of delicate agility was needed to get this shot. Due to the angle of the shot the top of the breakwater doesn't look to high but it was impossible to climb up onto from the pebbled beach below. So I took the steps up onto the promenade, climbed onto the sea wall and then carefully dropped down five or 6 feet onto the top of it making sure I didn't drop the tripod or camera or lose any dignity in the process. There's a stark and hard calmness to this image that I really like.

Outside the Cage :- Here's something very different form me. I'm usually all beach, landscape or architecture shots but I liked the look of this so shot it anyway. Below the Brighton Wheel and down on Brighton promenade there are a few stores that sell souvenires (buckets, spades, rubber rings, hats etc). They are permanently in shade due to the structure above them. On the concourse outside the stores there are several additional towers of girders and metalwork as well as the older concrete pillars that are helping to support 'Daltons Bastion' that the wheel is built upon. To stop people or children walking into the girders they have been 'wrapped' and encased in wire mesh. The image is very abstract compared to what I normally create but it's still another side and view of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill