Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ambulance, Past Whispers and Edge of the Wood

Ambulance :- It's not until you see what vintage vehicles looked like that you realise just how boring modern transportation has got. I love the curves, lines and styling of the older forms of transport. The cars, trains, motorbikes and planes had a lot more grace and elegance to them than their modern counterparts. Behind the Mansion in Bletchley Park you'll find the stable yard and just off to the left hand side of that yard you'll discover Bletchley Park Garage. They have several old vehicles on display there and the one that really caught my eye was this Ambulance. It's an Austin Six and dates from 1938 and actually served in WWII.

Past Whispers :- She was my favourite pier as a child. She was full of character and style. She was elegant and grand. She was old and very fragile. I can remember walking on her decks and looking at myself in her "hall of mirrors". I remember looking in awe at all her old hand written wooden signs and gazing at the magnificent theatre but from a distance as the end of the pier had already been closed off to the public due to safety concerns. And then she closed for good in 1975 and I couldn't walk on her boards any longer. So she stood there with her head held high, still somehow managing to maintain an air of grace for several years. The new millenium arrived and brought with it her ultimate downfall. At the end of 2002 a huge and devastating storm caused the collapse of her Concert Hall and then the following year two seperate arson attacks destroyed her completely. However, my love affair with her has continued and I love her just as much now as I did when I was a child. She's become one of my photographic muses and she's always happy to see me.

Edge of the Wood :- The twisted majesty of Wistman's Wood. A compact area on Dartmoor that's a heady mix of Dwarf Oaks, grasses, lichen, moss, granite boulders and rocks. The minute you step inside you enter a different world altogether. A world of dancing sunlight and shifting shadows, a world that forces you to bow to mother nature as you carefully negotiate your way around. Dartmoor is a National Park located in Devon.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill