Sunday, 22 November 2015

Arms of George IV, Take Away and Beach Fire

Arms of George IV :- A view of the West wall and interior of St Nicholas' Church, the oldest surviving building in Brighton. In the center of the wall above the arch you can clearly see a large coat of arms. That's the coat of arms of George IV (1762–1830), Brighton's famous Prince Regent who later became King and is famous for building Brighton's Royal Pavilion, Dome and Corn Exchange complex. Either side of the coat of arms you can see two smaller coats of arms. They are the arms of William de Warenne who was William the Conqueror’s son-in-law and overlord of the area after 1066 and the Norman invasion and subsequent conquest. when the Domesday Book of 1086 was compiled there's an entry that mentions 'Brighthelmstone' (Brighton) and 'a church, valued at £12', that's St Nicholas'. If you drop down and look to the floor you see a large, round, stone font in a pool of light. It's the only surviving link to the Normans as the Caen stone font is said to have been created in 1170. The font has figures carved around it and is said to depict 'The Last Supper', 'The Baptism of our Lord' and a legend relating to St Nicholas. The Duke of Wellington and Dr. Samuel Johnson (of Dictionary fame) both worshipped here.

Take Away :- Dark,foreboding and mysterious. An image that evokes the look and feel of films like "The Third Man" and "Brighton Rock". The shot was taken by the Aquarium Terrace steps (on the left) and Colonnade on Brighton's Madeira Drive. Everything was shuttered up for the night with just a few pools of light to navigate your way around. This was once a very attractive area which was built in the 1920's . It's now rather run down, dirty and drab. It needs cleaning up and looking after ... much like most of Madeira Drive.

Beach Fire :- Shot on the beach at Ovingdean Gap which is a few miles to the East of Brighton's famous seafront. The City is silhouetted against the simmering warm glow of the sunset and the sea takes on a cold mercurial look as the light begins to fade. There's no noise here. The traffic jams and sounds of gulls fighting over dropped food are all further West. The pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes are an hours walk away. Here the air is full of the sounds of lapping water and pebbles being dragged or crunched as you walk on the beach.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill