Sunday, 1 November 2015

Benedictine Balcony, By the Lady and Alien Sky

Benedictine Balcony :- A beautiful and ornate stonework interior balcony. Buckfast Abbey is part of a medieval Benedictine monastery that was refounded in 1882 in Buckfast, near Buckfastleigh, Devon, England. In 2012 the Abbey went through a huge cleaning and restoration process so the stonework now looks as though it was put in place and built yesterday.

By the Lady :- I have to be honest, put my hands up and say I love this shot and image. I know I shouldn't say that about my own work but this shot has something rather special about it. The sea had been seriously dragged out by the moon's gravitational pull due to its eliptical orbit bringing it closer to Eath. Many people came out and hit the beach, they were all in awe and enjoying the fact that they could walk out to the remains of Eugenius Birch's wonderful West Pier. I wanted to get to the sandbank that everyone was on but there was a stretch of water between me and them and I couldn't get across so I had to make my way back to the pebbled beach and then walk along for a bit before being able to make my way out again and walk around to the sandbank. As I was walking along the beach I grabbed this shot of the pier, sandbank, silhouetted people and water. Beautiful pier, beautiful beach, beautiful Brighton.

Alien Sky :- I took this image a couple of years ago from the land that runs alongside Bexhill Road in Woodingdean on the outskirst of Brighton. Strange clouds and even stranger lighting behind them created this other wordly canopy that hung over the village.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill