Monday, 16 November 2015

Crystal Grotto, Night Terrace and Greens and Gold

Crystal Grotto :- On the day that I visted the 18th Century landscaped garden that is Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey the Crystal Grotto was closed to the public due to restricted opening times). However, I was still able to walk down the path that lead to the locked gate and get this shot looking through the crystal arch and across the lake. This magical folly dates back to 1760 (costing a colossal £8,000 at the time to build) and when the Honourable Charles Hamilton created the park and many of its eccentricities. Having been recently restored the Crystal Grotto is constructed from hundreds of thousands of pieces of calcite, gypsum, quartz, and fluorite.

Night Terrace :- Directly after taking this shot I had to make a run for it and take refuge in a local pub due to the torrential rain had started to fall. The shot was taken on a section of the old Aquarium Terraces that form part of Madeira Drive on Brighton's seafront. Due to the time of year it had been dark for a while but it had only just turned 6 pm. Having said that these terraces are still rather foreboding and ominous after dark as there is very little lighting on them. Originally built in the mid 1870's the terrace was extended dramatically in the late 1920's. If you look into the darkness of this shot you can just make out some of the original 1920's tall lamps placed at intervals along the wall on the right hand side.

Greens and Gold :- Taken from 'Greenways' which is the main road that leads in and out of the ancient village of Ovingdean which is a few miles to the East of Brighton on the South coast of England. The shot is looking East over the farmland and up towards the golden grasses of Beacon Hill Nature Reserve that sits between Ovingdean and the other ancient village of Rottingdean. Both villages are mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and Beacon Hill Nature Reserve also has two Neolithic (a period of the Stone Age beginning around 8,000 bc) long barrows on it so this area has been inhabited by people for aeons.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill