Monday, 9 November 2015

Fiery Rorschach, Hazy Resort and Pathway on Church Street

Fiery Rorschach :- Yeah, it's real. Not a clever bit of CGI or digital manipulation. Yes, the clouds really were that colour. You can tell I haven't altered them because the light twilight blues of the sky behind the clouds is natural. All I did to create this shot was walk into town and stand on Brighton beach during the incredibly low tide caused by the Perigee Moon. Actually there's one other thing I did to get this shot and that was to think for myself and not stand where all the other photograhers were which was out on the sandbank itself. Becasue I walked back to the shoreline I was able to catch the reflection of the sunset in the large and relativley still pool of seawater that the tide had left behind. What really makes this image for me are the dark patches of land and small silhouetted figures. Stunning.

Hazy Resort :- The strange light around the pier was due to a sea mist that was hanging around just off shore. It wasn't a thick one but it was enough to diffuse the sunlight and create an eerie and ethereal glow. The beach was quiet and empty. Nobody seemed brave enough to try and eat their fish and chips on the cold pebbles whilst fighting off a bitter chill. Seaside resorts are all well and good when the sun's out and the weather's hot but they take on a much more moody and 'ghost town' like appearence once the winter months settle in. Personally I like Brighton in the winter. It's when we get to see it for what it really is and get the chance to claim it back from the tourists for a while. We see its beaches battered by the storms and sometimes get to see its history covered by the snow. To be honest its an incredible place all year around.

Pathway on Church Street :- This shaded, narrow path runs through the Northern St Nicholas Rest Garden which is located on Dyke Road in Brighton. The image shows the Southern entrance / exit on Church Street with the churchyard wall of St Nicholas's on the other side of the road. These rest gardens were laid out in 1840 as an extension to the churches cemetery. St. Nicholas Church is not only the oldest Church in Brighton but is also the oldest surviving building in Brighton itself due to being the only surviving structure from a French invasion in June 1514.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill