Monday, 30 November 2015

Mirrored White, Pier to Myself and Block Sea

Mirrored White :- Calm, peaceful and reflective. A little stretch of tranquility on the Grand Union Canal as it passes through Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire. I was only here for a short period. I'd driven up from Brighton, checked in at the Peartree Lodge Waterside Hotel, dumped by bags in the room, grabbed the camera and went out for a walk along the tow path. After a few hours of never ending motorway traffice a picturesque stretch of the legs and meander seemed to be the thing to do. The following day i'd be looking around Beltchely Park, "Home of the Code Breakers" and then driving back again. The strips of sunlight and shadow caught my eye at first on this section of the canal and then I noticed the one white bush / tree on the other side, the reflections were hardly moving at all, just a gentle shimmer.

Pier to Myself :- It was November the 11th and just coming up to 6pm and I found myself on a very quiet Brighton Pier (formerly known as and still locally known as the Palace Pier). I was taking full advantage that a large BBC One TV crew were set up at the pier's entrance for a live 'The One Show' broadcast for 'Children in Need' at 7pm and everyone was crowding around that area leaving the pier free for me to wander around without having anyone get in the way. So I found myself being in a position to take my time and get this shot pf the pier at night empty of folk. It's quite unnerving walking around anything that's empty that's normally full of people. Fun fairs, circus's, parks, piers etc all have a slight scary quality to them when there's nobody about. Personally I loved it!

Block Sea :- This could be anywhere. The sight of odd shaped concrete blocks is now pretty standard on beaches as they are a quicker and cheaper alternative to building huge breakwaters. Just dump some concrete shapes down and hey presto the raging waters are broken up and subdued before they try and damage the promenades. But that little blue glimpse of water pearing between the gap in the middle isn't the English Channel. The shot was taken on a stretch of beach in Mamaia which is a district of Constanța in Romania. That little bit of blue is the Black Sea...and the clue was in the title!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill