Friday, 6 November 2015

November's Beach, Alan Turing and Remember to Breath

November's Beach :- A greyish / brown light seemed to paint everything in its path. The sea had a thunderous sound and roar to it that actually made the beach tremble with every hit of the waves. Nothing felt dry, everything was clammy, damp and cold. Very cold. The squally weather had settled in over the South coast and was refusing to move along so I stayed for a while and watched the beach being dragged around.

Alan Turing :- This incredible statue stands in one of the large blocks in Bletchley Park. Block B housed the Naval Enigma Section and also had a section known as "The Testery" which was set up to break the Lorenz Cypher system. It's now used as an exhibition hall that includes the largest collection of real Enigma machines (still in their original wooden cases / boxes) on public display in the world. I was fascinated by this life size statue of Alan Turing. It's made entirely out of slithers of slate and the attention to detail is draw dropping. The British sculptor is Stephen Kettle and he works exclusively with slate.

Remember to Breath :- The title has nothing to do with the image as such. It has more to do with me when I find myself presented with incredible moments and I'm trying to seize that moment with the camera before it's gone. More times than not I find myself standing there taking the image and I suddenly realise that I am indeed holding my breath. It's an involuntary thing and something that's now become par for the course when i'm out on my own taking shots. It's very rare that you'll ever find me out with anyone else with the camera as I find I work much better on my own and I can focus (pardon the pun) on what I am trying to do more than I could if someone's pointing something out whilst saying "Why don't you take that?" or "What are you photographing that for?" etc. It's a very solitary and lonely process at the best of times but the end results are often very rewarding. I also get moments like these to myself where I can stand in silence and take it all in ... uninterrupted. This shot was taken on the beach at Ovingdean Gap to the East of Brighton during a beautiful combination of low tide and sunset.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill