Monday, 2 November 2015

Run Into the Shadows, Freeze and Slab

Run Into the Shadows :- Down on Brighton beach by the old fishing quarter you'll discover the fishing museum and various stalls and kiosks selling seafood etc. The area still looks very Victorian and hasn't really changed all that much over the last 100 or so years. Just to the side of one of the beach huts that sells cockles, whelks, mussels, prawns and jellied eels you find this old set of chains. They are heavily encrusted with rust and look as though they have been there for a very long time. I'm not sure if they're from the Victorian period or from a later date (say the 20's or 30's) but they are very much part of Brighton's fishing history.

Freeze :- We've probably got this to look forward to again soon. The shot was taken back in January 2013 during a very cold and bitter spell of weather. It shows Rottingdean's famous village pond frozen solid. The little white quares you see dotted about on the surface are small block of ice that kids had thrown out onto the surface. No ducks to be seen in this shot, non of them were brave enough to get cold feet and skid about trying to walk on it. The pond itself is very historical because the entire village fromed around it way back in Saxon times.

Slab :- This huge concrete section of wall in the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap has baffled me for a long time. It's the only thing like it along the entire length of the undercliff walk and protective sea wall. It look sold so I am guessing it dates from the 30's (when the sea defenses were built) or possibly the 40's but I have no idea what purpose it has. If it was to support the chalf face you'd expect to see more of them every now and then against the cliff face but you don't. mIt's hard to get a sense of scale looking at this shot but if I tell you the cliffs are (approx) 80 feet or 24.5 meters in height it gives you some idea.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill