Friday, 13 November 2015

Shed Door, Winston and While You Were Sleeping

Shed Door :- I didn't have to travel far for this shot as it was taken in our back garden. The old wooden shed lurks in a far corner and at certain times of the year becomes overgrown and surrounded by greenery. It could be cut back and cleaned up but to be honest I like the overgrown aspect of it. Some parts of the garden are kept neat and other parts are left to grow wild. We get so much wildlife wandering through and I never know what I'm going to catch a glimpse of next. Butterflies, birds (including the odd woodpecker and pheasant), frogs, foxes and badgers are all frequent visitors so a balance of neat and wild is the way to go with the garden.

Winston :- Shot within the Lounge Hall of the famous Bletchley park Mansion. This old marble fireplace has a square mirror set into it and standing in pride of place on the mantle is a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. In 1941 Churchill played an absolutley vital part in Bletchley Park's role in the the war as he sent a memo regarding those working at Bletchley that said "Action this day make sure they have all they want on extreme priority and report to me that this has been done."

While You Were Sleeping :- A rough sea, crescent moon, sunset and approaching storm in Brighton. The coast is ever changing. The skyline and scenery shifting through colours and changing its mind with every passing second. Sometimes it decides to try and throw it all at you at the same time and on other occasions it simply does nothing at all. It can be bracing, warming or bitter. Dry as a bone or soaking wet. The one thing it never is is boring.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill