Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Stile & Barn, Counting Out Time and North End House

Stile & Barn :- A shot and image that was taken high up on the cliff tops and rolling downs between Seaford Head and the picturesque Cuckmere Haven on the south coast. I'd parked the car in Seaford and chosen to walk up and over the cliffs taking in the sea views, wildlife and scenery. It's a truly stunning part of Sussex that always leaves me in awe with its natural and raw beauty. I stopped on route to take this shot because the fence and cloud lines seemed to mimic each other quite nicely.

Counting Out Time :- A different black and white shot from me. No sea or landscape, no historical architecture or buildings. Just an old bit of weathered wood and a lot of weeds and undergrowth. It caught my eye as I walking down the path to the recreation ground in Rottingdean. I loved the dead and sunbleached look of it all against the darker foliage.

North End House :- This imposing looking house has some serious history attached to it. It's one of three buildings that sit side by side at the Northern end of the ancient and historical village of Rottingdean on the South coast of England. The three buildings are Prospect Cottage, Aubrey Cottage and North End House and they are all intertwined by famouse people....and I shall now endevour to explain as simply as I can. In 1880 both Prospect Cottage and Aubrey Cottage were purchased by the pre-Raphaelite artist Sir Edward Burne-Jones who then knocked them through to erach other and named them "North End House". He worked and painted in that 'double residence' up until his death in 1898. In 1923 the properties were bought by Sir Roderick Jones and his wife who was the writer Enid Bagnold (she wrote National Velvet). The house in this image was then called 'Gothic House' and that was also purchased by Sir Roderick Jones who the proceeded to knock it through into the other two so as to form one large (but somewhat odd) property. Once that was done the combination of the three houses was called 'North End House'. The novelist Angela Thirkell also stayed at the property at one point. In the 1980's the property was turned back into three separate houses but somehow 'Gothic House' managed to keep the name 'North End House' and the other tow were anmed 'Prospect Cottage' and 'Aubrey Cottage'. Sir Edward Burne-Jones, his wife Lady Georgiana Burne-Jones, Enid Bagnold and Angela Thirkell are all buried in the churchyard of St Margaret's Church that's on the other side of the green opposite the properties.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill