Monday, 14 December 2015

450 Meters, Below Front and Old Lady

450 Meters :- This is a shot of the Ouse Valley Viaduct (also known as the Balcombe Viaduct) looking from the Northern end towards the Southern end. It's located between Haywards Heath and Balcombe in Sussex. It carried the London to Brighton Railway Line over the River Ouse and is an incredible 1,475 feet in length and 96 feet in height. What's even more impressive is that it was built in 1841 and used 11 million bricks that were brought by ship from the Netherlands. This beautiful Grade II listed structure is often missed entirely as most whizz over the top of it by train on their journey and therefore completely miss it!

Below Front :- A somewhat unconventional shot of Brighton's famous pier and tourist attraction. An early November evening during low tide after dark, the pier and front all lit up and refelcting in the wet sands. I went by unnnoticed standing down on the beach in the dark, blending in with the shadows. Up on the promenade people were going about the tradition of queing up for fish and chips whilst the bars were beginnning to fill with evening revellers.

Old Lady :- She's stood here since 1866. With her back to the horizon she's been staring at Regency Square and Brighton's seafront for all those years. She's entertained and played host to many famous actors and musicians. She's appeared in films, on TV and put on shows of her own. Now she's enjoying retirement. She's not as strong as she used to be. She's frail and has lost her looks but is still dignified and a grand old lady!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill

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