Thursday, 10 December 2015

Cycle Track, See Pier and Slimed

Cycle Track and Sports Ground :- Not just any cycle track and sports ground as this is said to be the oldest cycle track in the UK. It's situated at the far Northern end of the 63 acre Preston Park which is one of Brighton's largest parks. The Velodrome was built in 1877 by the British Army and originally had a cinder surface before being replaced with tarmac in 1936. The track length (single lap) is 579.03 metres (633.23 yards). We nearly lost it altogether this year as in January (2015) the track was assessed and said to be unfit for racing. A 'Save Preston Park Cycle Track' campaign was started and in September this year Brighton and Hove councillors approved a plan to inject £300,000 of cash to save the historic outdoor circuit.

See Pier :- A cold, winter sun begins its decent and aims for the horizon on the South coast of England. The pushing and dragging of pebbles by the waves provides the soundtrack to this iconic Brighton view. The skeletal frame of the old 1866 built West Pier stands defiant as the water dances and swirls around its legs and ankles. It holds it head aloft in retirement whilst remembering what it once was and thinking of all the pleasure it provided for so many years.

Slimed :- The huge defensove sea wall of the undercliff walk stretches from Brighton all the way along to Saltdean which is a few miles to the East. The design is constant and continuos from Brighton to Rottingdean but the Rottingdean to Saltdean section differs slightly. The main 'Undercliff Walk' was built between 1930 and 1933 and ended at rottingdean but in 1935 it was extended to meet Saltdean and that section is constructed slightly differently as it has 'steps' at its base opped to dropping straight down like the other section. These 'steps' lead nowhere and merely serve to help break up the waves as they hit the wall.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill