Sunday, 13 December 2015

Fire Bucket, White Alcove and Hues of Winter

Fire Bucket :- Not the sort of thing that many would stop and photograph. Especially when you consider that this little insignificant corner is part of Bletchley Park, the 'home of the code breakers' where there are many more fascinating things to point a camera at! But I loved the look of the old worn door with the peeling black paint, the old yellow triangular sign with wording that's hard to make out and the old fire bucket. It's and insight into just how things were back in the 1940's when Bletchley Park was a hive of secret activity with people working things out with pencil and paper and machines number crunched and helped cracked cyphers.

White Alcove :- This beautiful alcove is located in the corner of St John the Baptist's Church in Kemp Town , Brighton. It was the first Roman Catholic church to be built in Brighton after the Catholic Emancipation in the early 19th century. The Grade II* listed building was funded by Maria Fitzherbert (who secretly contracted an invalid marriage with the Prince Regent) and completed in 1835.

Hues of Winter :- Cold sky, cold sea and a wintry sunset. The tones change with the seasons and this shot and image is full of the colours and shades of winter. Just a splash of molten gold is added by a star burning 92.96 million miles away.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill