Sunday, 6 December 2015

Firle Barn, Grays Court & Minster and Multi Coloured Haven

Firle Barn :- The village of Firle is in the Lewes District of East Sussex and (approx) a 25 minute drive from the City of Brighton. It's av ery small village with a fascinating history and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Sir John Gage KG (1479 – 1556) lived here and he had various haigh and mighty positions as he was Esquire of the Body to both Henry VII and Henry VIII. He was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster , Comptroller of the Household, Constable of the Tower and Lord Chamberlain as well as being a Knight of the Garter and attending the funeral of Henry VIII (he was also appointed one of the executors of the king's will) and bore the train of Mary I at her coronation. Virginia Wolf also lived here for a while at 'Little Talland House' nand her sister Vanessa Bell also moved here and regularly played host to the Bloomsbury Group. Desmond Llewelyn who famously played 'Q' in the James Bond films for many years also lived in Firle.

Grays Court & Minster :- A shot of the 'back' of York's mighty Minster taken from a section of the old City wall between Micklegate Bar and Bootham Bar. The Cathedral still towers over the city but can be obscured by modern architecture depending on where you are. It must have been a very different and god fearing experience in Medieval days when the buildings and much of the City were only two or three storeys high and the Cathedral to the North and Castle to the South dominated the skyline and put its subjects firmly in their place.

Multi Coloured Haven :- Purples, blues, yellows and golds. A scene that if you painted it people would swear blind you were using artistic license. Of course the reality is that real life and nature is nothing like our concept iof it. Mountains are not always 'pointy', grass is not always green, skies and seas are not always blue. The shot was taken on the beach at Ovingdean Gap which is a few miles to the East of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill