Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gate & Stones, Three Panels and Drying Out

Gate & Stones :- A mid afternoon shot of the Churchyard and Gate of St Peter's Parish Church in Chailey near Lewes in Sussex. The Church dates from the 13th Century and is situated on Chailey Green. The shot was taken from within the Church grounds looking West towards the old lych gate.

Three Panels :- I have to be honest and say I have no idea why these three large concrete slabs are placed here against the sea wall of the undercliff walk that runs between Brighton and Saltdean. They do not appear anywhere else along the three or so mile stretch. Just here. I presume (which is always dangerous) that the wall was beginning to fail at these three points and needed strengthening but then why didn't if fail in other areas. Maybe they serve some other purpose which I cannot think of. Anyway I found them to be a visual treat so here they are!

Drying Out :- Surrounded by mountains and thick jungle I found myself in a village in the middle of nowhere in Northern Thailand. This was way off the beaten track. Not your package holiday or backpacking Tie-dye t-shirt wearing full moon partying tourist Thailand. This was real Thailand with hot and cold running lizards, stray dogs staring at you with incredulous looks and an age old gag on repeat as every few seconds a chicken crossed the dirt road. With every breath you lungs filled with hot air and you could feel your calf muscles burn as the midday sun was bringing your legs to the boil. Every now and then a villager would 'put put' by on a clapped out motorbike held together with bits of wire and a plastic bag over the seat. Kids would shout out as you flip - flopped by with a "schlap schlap" sound that gave away you were a foreigner as all locals merely shuffled which effectively put them and their footwear into stealth mode. All the time the heat was beating down. The glorious warmth making you smile without realising it. This was my home for a while.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill