Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Out of the Loop, Arches Gallery and Avebury Manor

Out of the Loop :- This was my view way away from the beaten track and high up on a hill and farmland that overlooks the Cuckmere Estuary near Seaford on the South coast of England. The river Cuckmere is certainly the most meandering and winding river I think I have ever seen. It's a very famous part of Sussex due to the river and the Seven Sisters cliffs that are at the far end.

Arches Gallery :- Closed for business but still lit from within. Light spills out of the windows and creates a silhouetted store front. These are the well known Kings Road Arches on the lower promenade of Brighton's seafront. They used to house fishing boats back in the 1800's and early 1900's and then became rather run down and dilapidated until it was an area best avoided altogether by the 1980's. Then it was suddenly overhauled and went through a period of rejuvenation as various bars, cafes, galleries and souvenir stores took over the old arches and turned the area in a bright bohemian beachside.

Avebury Manor :- A sneaky shot as it looks like I was visitng the Manor but I was actually on the other side of the locked gate that I poked my camera through! The estate was originally bought by Sir William Dunch of Little Wittenham in 1551. Parts of the Manor House date from the 16th Century but it's had many alterations, additions, extensions and changes over the years since then. The Manor is just a stones throw (pun intended) from the huge Neolithic henge monument containing three stone circles that has made avebury so famous. The henge is said to have been built somewhere around 2600 BCE and is the largest stone circle in Europe.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill