Saturday, 12 December 2015

Red Cafe, The Village Club and Set the Night on Fire

Red Cafe :- Places always look warm and cozy when you're outside in the cold and looking in! Thuis is a shot of 'Café Rouge' which is a restaurant on the boardwalk known as 'Mermaid Walk' at Brighton Marina. There are many cafés along this stretch all jostling for attention and custom. I have never set foot in any of them and have constantly found myself outside in the cold and looking in!

The Village Club :- This is the ' Rottingdean Club' (also known as Ye Olde Place Club) which is located on the High Street of the famous historical village a few miles to the East of Brighton. It's a private members club and is yet another of Brighton's listed buildings at Grade II. It's a single house constructed in the 18th Century or earlier. It's a very quaint building with its knapped flint and red brick dressings, brick quoins and tiled porch along its entire length.

Set the Night on Fire :- A stunning sunset during a seriously low perigee tide on Brighton beach on the South coast of England. People were taking full advantage of the spectacle and walking out as far as they could. Little black silhouettes were dotted about the beach and looking on in awe.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill