Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sans Sea, Books Pottery Cards and Staring at the Sun II

Sans Sea :- I know there have been various computer simulations and depictions of what the Earth would look like without all the seas, oceans and water but they always look rather clean and uncluttered etc. I'd like to see what it would really look like with all the litter that's usually floating around and all the old boats, planes and ships sitting on the seabed. I think we'd be shocked beyond belief. This shot was taken during low tide on the beach at Peacehaven which is several miles East of the City of Brighton.

Books Pottery Cards :- An art gallery located in Brighton's famous seafront arches is all lit up just before closing down for the night. When it's like this the promenade hardly looks like it's changed since the late 1800's. The only real difference is that there's electric light in use and not gas lamps but if you put a few crinoline wearing Ladies and a few frock coated and top hat wearing Gents in the scene you'd not know the difference. The seafront's look and style has become an iconic part of Brighton and is instantly recogniseable as being that of the famous seaside City!

Staring at the Sun II :- I remember standing at that spot and thinking if I crouch down enough I can get the sun to clip horizon. So I did. What I wasn't expecting to see when I processed the shot was that the sun had also caught the upper left hand sweep and was glinting off the woodwork and that it had also caught the blades of grass nicely to the bottom right of the picture. So what you are looking at here is the famous Beacon Mill (also known simply as 'Rottingdean Windmill') which is located high up on the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve which is part of the village of Rottingdean and aslo sits at the 'front' of the village of Ovingdean effectively separtaing the two villages on the coast. Beacon Mill was built in 1802 and is a grade II listed smock mill which has been restored as a seamark.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill