Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sign From Above, Natural & the Unnatural and The Grand Hotel

Sign From Above :- It's incredible to think that I managed to walk out this far so that I could look up from under the famous Brighton tourist attraction and get a shot of its sign without getting my feet wet! The tide was the lowest I had ever seen it due to a Perigee moon and its gravitational pull. A day or so before we'd also witnessed the blood red eclipse of the moon so everything was effected greatly by the magnificent celestial spectacle. Normally you'd have to be in a boat or swimming to get a shot like this and not that good with either so I was overjoyed to be able to do it on foot and excited to take advantage of such a rare opportunity.

Natural and the Unnatural :- It's very rare that I venture this far along the coast. I usually lurk within the area that covers Hove, Brightonand the villages of Ovingdean and Rottingdean to the East. On this occasion i'd actually gone further East and found myself in Telscombe. I'd not been down on the beach there before and after a bit of searching to find the way down I finally made it and went exploring. It's quite different from the beaches at Saltdean and Rottingdean. There's a large wastewater treatment facility called the Portobello Treatment Works that's at the foot of the cliffs. It looks very out of place and is somewhat alien to the rest of the landscape. It could very well be another world down here which may explain why the beach at Telscombe was once used as a filming location for 'Doctor Who'.

The Grand Hotel :- At the end of every year Brighton's famous Grand Hotel is bathed in blue light and adorned with twinkling lights for Christmas and the New Year. The hotel was built in 1864 and was designed by an architect named John Whichcord Jr. At the time it was built for the 'upper classes' visiting the seaside resort and to this day it is still one of the most expensive hotels in the city. The hotel had a "Vertical Omnibus" installed which was the first lift / elevator built in the United Kingdom outside of London and London only had two installed itself. The hotel is also famous for a far more sinister reason. On the 12th October 1984 at 2:51am an IRA bomb went off in an attempt to kill Margaret Thatcher the Prime Minister who was staying at the hotel due to the Conservative Party conference that was being held at the Brighton Center (next door). The entire middle section of the hotel was blown out and collapsed. The 201 roomed hotel was patched up, rebuilt and re-opened again on the 28th August 1986.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill