Friday, 18 December 2015

Sleeping Fields, Moat Light and Beam & Storm

Sleeping Fields :- A myriad of shades, colours and hues provided by Mother Nature at twilight. There's a magical quality that natural light takes on around dusk. It's a completely different light that you simply don't see at any other time of the day. As night subside to daylight and the sun comes up dawn provides a cold light that gradually turns to warmth with every passing minute but with sundown something else happens. The warm light of the day begins to get warmer whilst at the same time the light fades yet somehow manages to get even more colourful just before it's extinguished altogether by the onset of night. I never tire of watching it...or photographing it for that matter.

Moat Light :- If I were standing at this very spot a few hundred years ago I'd find myself very much under water and most probably also under fire as arrows and other missiles rained down on me from above. This is the long since dried out moat that still surrounds the site that was once the mighty Bramber Castle. Little is known about the Castle and apart from the odd bit of wall and a large section of gatehouse nothing remains. Wandering around the moat was quite an adventure as I'd gone there on my own so 'rustled' and 'crunched' my way through in silence with just the odd bit of biord song to accompany me. It was very atmospheric and it put it all into perspective when I looked up the very steep hill and saw a remaining section of curtain wall towering up through the trees. What must it have been like when the Castle was occupied? What was it like to be here during the documented seige and skirmishes? We'll never really know as the area is now very picturesque and misleadingly quiet. The ruined mediaeval castle is in Bramber which is a former manor, village and civil parish in the Horsham District of West Sussex, England.

Beam & Storm :- Dark, damp and seriously moody. The undercliff walk and beach at Saltdean took on a completely different look as a stormy sky engulfed the Sussex coast! Out on the horizon a wide beam of light managed to break through which immediately made me think of the old Hollywood epics based on stories from the Bible or the Science Fiction films where people, planes or aircraft would be beamed up by some UFO. I stood around for a while watching the clouds get darker and then realised just how cold it was getting so decided to call it a day and head home.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill