Friday, 11 December 2015

Storm on the Horizon, Pleasure Palace and Golden Face

Storm on the Horizon :- A cool but pleasant sunny afternoon resulted in me taking a walk and ending up on the beach at Saltdean. From the lower promenade I looked over the sea wall and saw the huge and odd patterning left on the beach by the waves. The ridges fascinated me and before long I found myself crunching across the pebbles to grab a shot of the wavy lines. It was then that I noticed a storm rising up in the East. It was a long way off but the clouds were of tremendous size and looked like they meant business.

Pleasure Palace :- Ablaze with light. In fact Brighton's famous Pier takes a selection of 62,000 energy saving bulbs, neons and low voltage lights to light it up each and every night! The Palace Pier (as it was known befre it was renamed) was originally designed by Richard St. George Moore (1858-1926) and its construction began in 1891 before finally opening to the public a few years later in 1899 and costing £27,000 to build. It had many additions and alterations since it first opened and the Grade II listed structure is officially the fifth most visited free attraction in the country with the other four (British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern and Natural History Museum) all being in London. In 2014 the pier saw 4.5 million visitors pass through its entrance.

Golden Face :- Late afternoon / early evening sun gives the beach and white chalk face of the cliffs at Ovingdean Gap a warm glow. It wasn't that warm though. In fact my fingers were frozen and I was pleased i'd taken the trouble to warp up warm before venturing out. The beach was deserted. No joggers, cyclists, dog walkers or runners to be seen in any direction. Just the odd gull and myself with the sound of the waves rolling in and out. With every second the sun got lower it also got a fraction colder. It was time to head back home.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill