Friday, 4 December 2015

Summer Down, Beach View and Outer Wall

Summer Down :- This magnificent scenery was shot near the Summer Down Car Park at Devil's Dyke on the outskirts of Brighton in Sussex. The view is looking North towards the villages of Poynings, Henfiled and Partridge Green. When the weather is clear you can see for miles and miles from up here. Footpaths, bridleways and tracks lead off in all directions so you can walk and explore this incredible part of the famous South Downs Way.

Beach View :- Not Brighton but Hove beach just West of the old and run down King Alfred Complex. A smouldering sky was beginning to fade and the clouds were changing from pink to grey as the light dimmed. People were up on the promenade walking dogs, jogging, roller skating and walking. Not one of them seemed to stop to take it all in. Each and every single person up there was in a world of their own and blissfully unaware that other things were happening outside of their bubble. I was on the beach, breathing in the air and taking time to watch us spinning and the light fade. I was the only one on the beach...again.

Outer Wall :- Heavy clouds lurk overhead and threaten the afternoon with a soaking. I found myself far out on the Western sea wall of Looe Harbour in Cornwall and trying my best stay away from the egde as the wind was picking up. The West country of England is a stunning place to find yourself and the scenery provided by both Devon and Cornwall is breathtaking. Quaint villages, narrow lane, little villages and a hitsory thick with pirates is enough to keep visitor entertained and enthralled.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill