Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Table Books, Silver Sands and Cotton Ball Sky II

Table Books :- I couldn't resist taking this shot. I loved the light, silhouetted shapes, books on the table and the magnificent view outside. The room and window is part of Scotney Castle in Kent and the books on the table (mainly about gardening and cats) were Elizabeth Hussey's. Elizabeth was the wife of Christopher Hussey (who inherited Scotney Castle) and also the niece of Wallis Simpson (the American socialite who later became the Duchess of Windsor when King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry her).

Silver Sands :- Due to it's eliptical orbit the moon was at it's closest point to Earth and because of that it's gravitational pull had a hude effect on the tide. The water was pulled and torn back well away from the pebbled beach and not only exposed rarely seen sand but also showed off the delicate and spindly legs of the famous pier. The sun was getting lower and its light bounced under the silhouetted pier and off the wet flat terrain.

Cotton Ball Sky II :- You'd never know that you were so close to a sprawling and very famous seaside City. This is a section of the Castle Hill Nature Reserve that sits behind the village of Woodingdean that's on the outskirts of Brighton. Very few people venture here as it's tucked away and quite well hidden. You can walk for hours without bumping into anyone at all. It very quiet, peaceful and tranquil. You can hear yourself think here.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill